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The World First Zero-Knowledge Modular Data Availability Layer

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Data Availability Layer of Web3

Orochi Network solves the limits of Computation, Data Correctness and Data Availability



OrandVerifiable randomness generation time with low cost on-chain verification



OrocleSupport multiple pair with lowest average cost each pair



OrosignSupport multiple chains for simple customized smart contract



zkDatabaseCompleted solution for Web3 data availability and correctness

Numeric ScalingUnleash Unmatched Performance

Unpacked Usability


A Blockchain-Agnostic Solution

Orochi's oracle empowers Web 3 applications with diverse, real-time data, decentralized trust, scalability, and compatibility with various blockchain networks.

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Your Trustless Source of Randomness

Orand was built based on Elliptic Curve Verifiable Random Function (ECVRF). It is deterministic, verifiable and secured based on assumptions from elliptic curves.

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The Leading Provider of Self-custody Mobile Wallet

Orosign offers distinctive multisig feature, give you greater control of your digital assets and identity. With MPC, an extra layer of security is added, delivering unparalleled protection for your valuable assets.


The First Provable Database for Web3

zkDatabase is a distributed off-chain database with ZK prover available for any smart contract platforms, dApps and zkApps.

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A generic module that proves the memory consistency

zkMemory is a memory prover module wrote purely in Rust that provides utilities to generalized the memory and power any zkVMs.

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ZKP Labs Vietnam Soft Launch

Nov 17 2022

  • ZKP
  • Tech
  • Web3

The event focused on discussing the future of ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) technology and exploring the significance of fostering a vibrant ZKP community in Vietnam.

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