Compete, Connect, Conquer: Orochi Network's Leaderboard Challenge Begins

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Dear Orochi Network value members,
Are you ready to showcase your dedication and climb the ranks within our vibrant community? We're thrilled to announce the Zealy Leader Ranking Contest—an exhilarating opportunity for you to vie for both recognition and rewards within the Orochi Network ecosystem.
Join us in this thrilling competition, commencing with our announcement and culminating on April 25, 2024. Throughout this period, you'll embark on a journey of engagement, creativity, and commitment on the Zealy platform, all while competing for a piece of the enticing $500 prize pool and exclusive Shukaku NFTs.

I. Orochi Network Leaderboard Overview

Calling all members of the prestigious Orochi Network! Are you prepared to demonstrate your commitment and ascend the leaderboard ranks? Seize this golden opportunity by participating in the thrilling Zealy Leader Ranking Contest, where you can vie for a portion of an enticing $500 prize pool along with exclusive Shukaku NFTs!
Embark on this journey into competitive gaming excellence at our dedicated Zealy Ranking Competition Space: .
Mark your calendars as this electrifying event kicks off upon announcement and continues until April 25, 2024. Let's see who will rise above the rest and claim their spot among legends!

II. Participation Guidelines

In this exciting competition, you will complete various tasks on the Zealy platform. These tasks will assess your knowledge, creativity, and commitment to the Orochi Network community. The ranking contest will take place over a specified period and reset at the end of the competition. Here are some examples of tasks you can expect:
  • Social Media Engagement:
    Interact with Orochi Network's social platforms daily and share informative or engaging content about the project.
  • Community Building:
    Engage in discussions on the Orochi Network forum to welcome new members and answer their questions.
  • Content Creation:
    Write articles, tutorials, or create videos about Orochi Network's technology and vision.
  • Network Advocacy:
    Help spread the word about the Orochi Network! Invite friends to join the community and participate in the competition.

III. Reward Distribution

Your performance in these missions will be tracked on the Zealy leaderboard. The higher you climb, the closer you get to claiming your $500 reward. Here's how the rewards will be distributed:
🥇Top 1$1001 Shukaku
🥈Top 2$501 Shukaku
🥉Top 3$301 Shukaku
🏅Top 4$201 Shukaku
🎖Top 5$151 Shukaku
✨Top 6-10$10N/A
✨Top 11-30$7N/A
✨Top 31-50$5N/A
The ambition is set high for all contenders, with each accolade symbolizing not just monetary value but also recognition within the community for their exceptional skills and dedication.

IV. Significance of Engagement

Join the Orochi Network Community to Experience More Than Just a Competition
Participating in our competition is not solely about winning - it's an opportunity to foster and nurture a vibrant community within the Orochi Network. By actively engaging, you'll unlock more than just rewards:
- Knowledge Enrichment: Dive into deeper insights regarding Orochi Network's technology and vision, enhancing your understanding of this innovative platform.
- Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for supporting Orochi, forging connections that could last well beyond the bounds of this event.
- Shaping Tomorrow: Your feedback and contributions will be pivotal in influencing the trajectory of growth for Orochi Network. Your voice matters as we strive towards building a stronger future together.
Take a journey through Zealy to discover all that awaits you within the dynamic Orochi network community. Stay tuned for updates on when our official competition launches so you can seize this thrilling chance to showcase your skills, earn rewards aplenty, and take up leadership roles within our ever-evolving ecosystem! Let’s collaborate harmoniously in crafting an environment where innovation thrives effortlessly – join us today!
🚨 Important note:
Specific details about the mission and reward distribution will be officially announced on the Zealy platform. Make sure to follow Orochi Network on social media for the latest updates. The sprint leaderboard will start and end within the specified time period. This contest is open to all members of the Orochi Network community. 👉 Let the games begin!


As we draw near to the launch of the Zealy Leader Ranking Contest, anticipation is high and excitement is palpable within the Orochi Network community. This isn't just a competition—it's a testament to the strength and passion of our members, united in their shared pursuit of excellence and innovation.
We encourage each and every one of you to seize this opportunity, to push boundaries, and to leave your mark on the leaderboard. Whether you aim for the pinnacle of success or simply seek to engage with like-minded individuals, your participation is invaluable in shaping the vibrant tapestry of our community.
On behalf of the entire Orochi Network team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each participant, supporter, and advocate. Your dedication fuels our collective journey towards a brighter tomorrow, where collaboration and innovation reign supreme.

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