Introducing X-ORO Points: Opportunity to jump into Orochi Network's Token Whitelist

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I. X-ORO Point Introduction

We are excited to launch our retroactive adventure, a unique opportunity for our loyal users and newcomers to earn X-ORO points and be part of Orochi’s growth.
We're thrilled to announce Season 1 of our Retroactive Adventure, a unique opportunity for our loyal users and newcomers to earn X-ORO points and be part of Orochi’s growth.
This adventure marks a special collaboration with the Zealy platform, serving as the sole avenue for earning X-ORO points during this season. 
Be a part of Orochi's journey by diving into our Zealy Space now:

II. Overview of Orochi’s Retroactive Adventure

This adventure is our way of honoring the early believers and active participants who have been with us through various phases of our journey.
At Orochi Network, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the contributions that have helped shape our project. And this is a reflection of this belief, offering a tangible thank you to our community members who have been instrumental in our growth.
This adventure is structured around a series of retroactive airdrops, planned to ensure that the most active and loyal members of our community are acknowledged.
Rewards within this Retroactive adventure will encompass a diverse array of offerings. The quantity and type of reward each participant secures will directly correlate with their degree of engagement and the value they add to the Orochi ecosystem. This not only ensures fairness but also deepens the sense of community ownership and belonging.
To quantify contributions and ensure a transparent reward distribution, we've implemented a Retroactive Points System. This system assigns points for various activities and contributions made within the Orochi ecosystem.
Detailed information about our Orochi Retroactive adventure:

III. How to Participate

Here's how you can participate and make the most out of this adventure:
  • Sign Up on Zealy: Your first step is to join our adventure on Zealy. This platform serves as the arena where you'll earn our X-ORO points.
  • Earn Points: Participate actively on our Zealy space to accumulate XORO points through Leaderboard Ranking.
  • Combine Points for Airdrop Eligibility: The total points you accumulate on this platform will determine your share of the future rewards. The more you engage, the more you earn!
  • It's crucial to use the same wallet address through this adventure. This simplifies the process for you and us, making the tally of your total points seamless and efficient
  • The adventure will kick off on 25th March, 2024 and will run until 22th April, 2024. Make sure to mark these dates and start early to maximize your chances.

IV. Rewards and Benefits for X-ORO (Point) Owners

The Retroactive adventure is designed to offer a diverse array of rewards, ensuring that participants receive value that extends beyond mere tokens. Here's what's in store for you:
  • Rise Through the Ranks: The more X-ORO points you accumulate through active participation, the higher your position within the Orochi Network ecosystem. This elevated standing signifies your dedication and contribution to the network's growth.
  • Exclusive Mission Access: As you accumulate X-ORO points, you'll not only climb the ranks but also unlock the ability to participate in exclusive missions. These special missions could offer unique challenges and opportunities to further contribute to the network and potentially earn even greater rewards.
  • Amplifying Your Future Rewards: The value of your future rewards is directly tied to your X-ORO point balance. The more points you have, the greater the potential benefits you can unlock. 
  • Exclusive NFTs: For those whose contributions have added unique value to the Orochi community, exclusive NFTs await. These NFTs represent a special status within the community, offering unique privileges and opportunities.
  • Special Discord Role: Join our vibrant community on Discord with a special role that distinguishes you as a key participant of the Retroactive Adventure, opening up exclusive privileges
  • Early Access and Beta Testing Opportunities: As we roll out new features and expansions, participants of the Retroactive Adventure will have the chance to be the first to explore and provide feedback, helping to shape the future of Orochi.


The Retroactive Adventure is our way of expressing gratitude to each member who has contributed, engaged, and believed in our vision. Your support has been the catalyst for our growth.
To ensure you stay updated on the progress of the Retroactive Adventure and other upcoming initiatives, make sure to follow our official channels and participate in our community discussions.

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