Mina Cohort Wrap-Up: Celebrating Innovation and Growth

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If you're part of the Mina community, you've likely heard the buzz about the zkIgnite Cohort program. This initiative has been a driving force behind some of the most exciting developments on the Mina Protocol. In this article, we'll delve into the world of zkIgnite Cohort 2, exploring what it is, how projects were selected, the criteria used, the funded zkApp projects, and what's next for Cohort 2 and beyond.

I. Mina Cohort Wrap up

What is Mina Cohort?
Mina Cohort is an exciting initiative designed to nurture innovation within the Mina community. It brings together ambitious projects, innovative thinkers, and blockchain enthusiasts who want to contribute to the growth and development of Mina Protocol.
Community Engagement and Selection Process
The heart of Mina Cohort lies in its community engagement and selection process. It's not just about the projects; it's about the people and the passion they bring. In Cohort 2, we saw 171 forum posts, 86 proposals, and 1,980 comments. The community came together to cast their votes, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

II: Judging and Selection Criteria

Rigorous Evaluation Process
The selection process for Cohort 2 was no walk in the park. A panel of community Electors put in a lot of hard work. They assessed proposals with a sharp eye and a clear vision, using a meticulous rubric as their guide.
Impact and Innovation
Projects were evaluated based on their potential to create real value for users. Did they introduce fresh, innovative ideas to solve problems? These were the questions that guided the assessment process.
Scalability and Growth Potential
Mina Cohort is all about fostering growth. Projects were scrutinized for their ability to bring more users onto the Mina Protocol. Their scalability was a key factor. Could they handle the influx of users?
Architecture and Feasibility
Good architecture is the foundation of a successful project. Proposals were examined to ensure they demonstrated a deep understanding of the Mina Protocol and o1js (formerly SnarkyJS). The architecture had to support the project's desired impact and scalability.
Team Evaluation
The people behind the project matter. Electors looked closely at the proposing teams, assessing their experience and ability to deliver on their promises.

III: Funded zkApp Projects

Building the Future of Mina
Cohort 2's funding selection process was a testament to the thriving innovation within the Mina community. With a careful eye on scalability, innovation, and impact, the projects selected are poised to build a dynamic future for the Mina Protocol. Here, we dive deeper into the zkApp projects that have received funding and showcase the innovative ideas they bring to the table.
Mina Liquid Staking
Staketab's proposal is a beacon of innovation within the Mina ecosystem. Their goal is to revolutionize liquid staking on Mina by wrapping staked Mina tokens from delegators into derivative SsMina. What sets this project apart is its introduction of a value-accruing no-claim model, adding an extra layer of utility and incentive for participants. Moreover, the project plans to open the gates for Ethereum liquidity to flow into Mina by leveraging the groundbreaking zkBridge technology. Mina Liquid Staking is not only a technological feat but also a bridge to connect two powerful blockchain ecosystems.
On-Chain Funding Platform
The project spearheaded by phn2211#9875 and team brings forth a vision of transforming financial workflows into a transparent, decentralized, and privacy-centric on-chain experience. It tackles investments, grants, and accelerators, all the while preserving investors' privacy during funding and voting processes. This platform aims to foster trust and enhance effective decision-making by encouraging open and transparent interactions between startups and investors. It's not just about financial innovation; it's about reshaping how we engage in financial transactions.
Other Funded zkApp Projects
The diversity of Cohort 2's funded zkApp projects is a testament to the versatility of the Mina Protocol and its potential for use cases beyond the horizon. Here are a few of the outstanding projects that will make waves in the Mina ecosystem:
- ZkSnap – Verifiable on/off-chain DAO voting with ballot privacy: This project introduces an exciting concept of verifiable DAO voting, merging on-chain and off-chain elements while ensuring ballot privacy. It's a crucial step towards more transparent and secure decision-making in decentralized organizations.
- MinaNFT – Redefine the NFT game: NFTs are a hot topic, and MinaNFT is set to redefine the space by introducing innovative features, thus contributing to the evolution of non-fungible tokens.
- zkLocus – ZK-SNARKs Powered Geolocation Privacy Service: Privacy is paramount in the digital world, and zkLocus is poised to provide a secure and privacy-centric geolocation service that leverages zk-SNARKs.
- iZiSwap – Bring Mina with on-chain order book and concentrated liquidity DEX: iZiSwap is all about improving liquidity and creating a smoother trading experience on the Mina Protocol.
- Sealed Bid Auctions: This project introduces a unique approach to auctions, ensuring fairness and security in the process.
- zkSmart-ID – Personal Identification Data and ZK Smart Contracts Join Forces: In the age of digital identity, zkSmart-ID addresses the growing need for secure and privacy-preserving identification solutions.
- Auditable Social Media Platform: Transparency and accountability are at the core of this project, offering a fresh perspective on social media platforms.
- MAC! (Mina Arbitrated Contracts) – simple escrow smart contracts to secure interactions with MINA security deposits: Ensuring the safety and security of MINA tokens is the primary goal of MAC! through its innovative escrow smart contract system.
These projects represent a vibrant and innovative cohort that aims to bring real-world value to the Mina ecosystem. The diversity of use cases, from finance to identity and beyond, highlights the adaptability of the Mina Protocol and the promise it holds for the future.
Also, we're proud to announced that zkDatabase by Orochi Network is granted by Mina Protocol
zkDatabase is leading the way, and its inclusion is a testament to the program's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting visionary projects. This acknowledgment goes out to the outstanding efforts of Orochi Network.
The zkDatabase emerges as a beacon of transformation in the realm of Web3 data management. Its distributed storage, cryptographic safeguards, indexing prowess, and standardization reshape how data is perceived and harnessed. As the Web3 era surges forward, zkDatabase offers a guiding light, promising enhanced accessibility, accuracy, and security for data-driven innovations. Developers and organizations looking to thrive in this new era should seize the opportunities zkDatabase presents and contribute to its continued evolution. Read our details article of zkDatabase here.

V. Register for zkIgnite, Cohort 3

Joining the Next Cohort
While Cohort 2 has been a remarkable journey for those who participated, the story doesn't end here. For those who missed out on the chance to be part of Cohort 2 or if your project didn't secure funding, there's a fresh opportunity on the horizon. Cohort 3 is on the horizon, and it's the next exciting chapter in the Mina Cohort saga.
Preparing for Cohort 3
Cohort 3 is not just an extension of the previous cohorts; it's a significant leap forward. Building on the lessons and experiences of previous cohorts, Cohort 3 promises to be even more ambitious and impactful. More funding will be available, paving the way for bigger and bolder projects. The workshops will be more refined, offering a deeper dive into the intricacies of the Mina Protocol. The technical support will be even more comprehensive, ensuring that the barriers to entry for new developers are lower than ever.
Expanded Opportunities
One of the most exciting aspects of Cohort 3 is the expansion of opportunities. While technical contributors are undoubtedly valued and needed, there will also be openings for non-technical contributors. If you're passionate about Mina and its mission, you can be a part of the community in various capacities. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketing guru, a creative thinker, or someone with a unique perspective, there's a place for you in Cohort 3. Mina's community is a melting pot of talent, and the collective intelligence of diverse minds is what drives innovation in the Mina ecosystem.
Cohort 3 is more than just a program; it's a movement. It's an invitation to co-build the future of zero knowledge and be part of a community of passionate individuals who are driving the blockchain revolution. 


Mina Cohort 2 has been a remarkable journey filled with innovation, enthusiasm, and community spirit. As we look forward to Cohort 3, the Mina community continues to be a shining example of what's possible when like-minded individuals come together with a shared vision. The future of Mina Protocol is bright, and we're excited to see what the next cohorts will bring to the table.

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