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We'd like to express our gratitude to all of you who participated in the AMA between Orochi Network and GaFin on 17th February 2023. Your support means a lot to us. In case you missed the session, we have provided a summary of the entire event.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background?
Kevin: I'm super excited to be here today. My background is doing different kinds of projects and smaller startups since I was 18. However, I have been in crypto for 4 years now. I got into it as I was studying marketing and economics. I was always fascinated by finance. For me, Bitcoin at that time really combined all these things which interested me. Now, I am a Marketing specialist at Orochi Network. I first started working for one of the largest and earliest blockchain startups in Vietnam called Infinity Blockchain Labs. Really thrilled to be with GaFin today to share about our project and seek potential collab 😄
Q2: As you also know, the financial market in general and the crypto market in particular over the past half year has been quite difficult. So how have Orochi faced the market's difficulties in recent times?
Kevin: The financial market in general, and the crypto market in particular, has been quite volatile and challenging over the past half year. We have not been immune to these challenges. We have been able to adapt and continue to thrive. For example, we have implemented new strategies to reduce risk and provide more stable returns, such as focusing more on improving our technology like ZKP, Orand and Orosign. I think this can help stabilize the project and increase adoption. Additionally, we also pay attention to expanding our reach by partnering with other projects or organizations to increase adoption and awareness.
Q3: What vision and orientation does Orochi have in this market that it focuses on developing its products so strongly?
Kevin: At Orochi Network, we are taking on the challenges of resolving three core issues in the decentralized gaming industry and metaverse, including computation limitation, data correctness, and data availability, by combining the advantage of traditional blockchain’s technology and the efficiency of modern zero-knowledge proof systems. We aim to address these three aforementioned key issues with a comprehensive architecture powered by our Orochi Network Computation Layer. We aspire to offer an advanced solution for the new generation of decentralized games and metaverse projects that possess high performance, low latency, verifiable computation and superior experiences for gamers and metaverse participants.
Q4: Can you introduce the outstanding feature of Orochi, as I have learned briefly, is it ZKP?
Kevin: We provide all necessary components that allow people to build and execute High-Performance dApps. The pillars of this technology among various components are:
  • oWASM: This is a Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) integrated version of WebAssembly (Wasm) run-time used as the application executor of UnityOS (Orochi Computation Layer). It allows programs to be written with popular programming languages and executed with a semi-native performance. The difference between oWASM and ordinary Wasm environment is that oWASM has a ZKP prover to prove all steps of the computational process to make sure that the result was computed honestly.
  • Orocle: A decentralized Oracle that functions as a bridge between decentralized applications (dApp) and reality. It feeds bias-free data into the communication between dApps and the real world.
  • Orand: A decentralized Random Number Generator (Decentralized RNG), also known as a trustless source of randomness which can be used in the dApp to distribute digital assets, host lottery-related tasks or calculate item drop rate with utmost fairness.
  • Orocom: An immutable ledger engine that can be used in the dApp to store and query data from an off-chain storage
Q5: Maybe ZKP is a fairly new concept, so can you explain more about it before we go into deeper issues?
Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) is a cryptographic protocol that allows one party (the prover) to prove to another party (the verifier) that they know a particular piece of information without revealing any additional information beyond the fact that they do know the information. In other words, ZKP allows a prover to demonstrate knowledge of a secret without revealing the secret itself.
Q6: What is zero-knowledge proofs and its relevance in the gaming space?
Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) are a cryptographic protocol that enables one party to prove to another party that they know a piece of information, without revealing what that information is. This allows for secure and private authentication and verification, making it a relevant tool in the gaming space.
In gaming, ZKPs have several potential applications: Cheat Detection and Prevention, Asset Ownership Verification and by using ZKPs to protect players' privacy, gaming companies can create more personalized gaming experiences that are tailored to players' interests and preferences.
Q7: Applications of zero-knowledge proofs in the gaming world?
Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) have several potential applications in the gaming world, including:
  • Cheat Detection and Prevention: ZKPs can be used to detect and prevent cheating in multiplayer games. By proving the validity of their moves and actions without revealing how they are executed, players can prevent other players from copying their tactics.
  • Asset Ownership Verification: In-game assets and items can be valuable, and players may want to ensure that they own them securely. ZKPs can be used to prove ownership of these assets without disclosing personal information.
  • Secure Transactions: ZKPs can be used to create a secure and transparent platform for in-game transactions, such as the transfer of virtual currency or in-game items. This can help prevent fraud and ensure the safety of players' virtual assets.
  • Personalized Gaming: By using ZKPs to protect players' privacy, gaming companies can create more personalized gaming experiences that are tailored to players' interests and preferences.
Overall, ZKPs have the potential to enhance security, privacy, and personalization in the gaming world, leading to a better experience for players.
Q8: How does the Orochi Network use ZKP to enhance gaming experience?
For Orochi Network, we help users to increase their gaming experience by increasing the security of player data and in-game transactions. With ZKPs, players can make sure that their game data is secure and that their in-game transactions are valid.
Additionally, thanks to ZKPs, we can help game developers create more intricate in-game economies, as they are able to verify transactions and ensure that players are not exploiting the system.


Q1: What are the selection criteria for Orochi Network to choose partners?
Kevin: As I said earlier, Orochi Network focuses on gaming and the metaverse landscape by providing infrastructure such as Orosign, Orand or ZKPs technology. So, we would like to collaborate with projects that are currently working in gaming development so we can provide the infrastructure and help them grow. I also think that the gaming industry will play a big role in the future. However, current GameFi projects don’t have enough infrastructure and necessary tools so we would like to provide the infrastructure that they need to develop.
Q2: Share thought about future of ZKPs?
Kevin: It is an early stage of ZKPs and there are still few projects that adopt ZKPs. However, Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) have a bright future and are expected to play a significant role in the field of cryptography and computer science. Some of the promising developments include improved efficiency, broader adoption, and more diverse use cases. There are ongoing efforts to optimize ZKPs to make them faster and more efficient, which will make them more accessible to a wider range of applications. Additionally, as more people become familiar with ZKPs and their potential, they are likely to be adopted more widely across industries. Finally, we can expect to see ZKPs being used in new and innovative ways, such as in decentralized finance, digital identity, and other applications that require privacy and security.
Q3: What are the new goals that Orochi Network are looking for at present?
Kevin: There are several goals that we want to achieve in the future. In 2023, we need to finish our Orand, which is our verifiable random function so our partners can take advantage of it for the GameFi. We also want to develop our ZKPs technology so it can be integrated into several use cases of our partners and help them grow.
Q4: Could you give me a real example of ZKPs? Such as ZKPs Applications
Kevin: Certainly! Here are a few real-world applications of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs):
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing: ZKPs can be used to prove that certain information exists or satisfies certain conditions without revealing the actual data itself. This has useful applications in areas such as medical research, where patient data needs to be shared without compromising the privacy of the patients.
  • Authentication: ZKPs can be used to authenticate users without revealing their identity or sensitive information. For example, a user can prove that they have a valid password without actually revealing the password itself.
  • Secure Computation: ZKPs can be used to prove that certain computations have been performed correctly, without revealing any of the actual inputs or outputs. This has applications in areas such as voting systems, where individual votes need to be kept private, but the overall results need to be verifiable.
Q5: Which product features do you think will attract users the most?
Kevin: The most important feature is ZKP, which can be applied in several industries as mentioned above, due to several benefits:
  • Privacy: One of the main benefits of ZKPs is that they provide strong privacy guarantees. ZKPs allow users to prove that certain information or conditions are true without revealing any additional information about themselves or their data. This is particularly useful in applications where privacy is a top concern, such as financial transactions, medical research, and digital identity verification.
  • Security: ZKPs also provide strong security guarantees, as they allow users to prove that certain computations or transactions have been performed correctly without revealing any sensitive information. This is useful in applications where data security and integrity are critical, such as voting systems and decentralized finance.
  • Efficiency: While ZKPs can be computationally intensive, they are still more efficient than traditional methods of proving things, such as sending data or information back and forth between parties. ZKPs also enable more efficient use of resources, such as in blockchain-based transactions, where they can reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming consensus mechanisms.
  • Accessibility: ZKPs are becoming more accessible as the technology advances and becomes more widely adopted. As more people become familiar with ZKPs and their potential applications, they are likely to be used in a wider range of fields and industries.
Full Recording: fb.watch/iL_ilzGUsz/

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