Discovering the Orochi Retroactive Adventure: Origin, Oro Wild, and Oro Futuristic

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Welcome, Orochi Network enthusiasts! We're excited to announce the first Orochi Network Retroactive adventure. This initiative aims to reward early adopters and active community members who contribute to the growth of Orochi Network. The Orochi Retroactive adventure will unfold in 3 main stages: Origin | The Awakening, Oro Wild | The Ascension, and Oro Futuristic | The Apex. This article aims to summarize and provide a story behind valuable information to help you better understand our upcoming programs.

Exploring the Orochi Retroactive Saga: The Journey Begins!

The Orochi Retroactive Adventure is a strategic initiative that aims to reward early adopters and active participants within the community of the burgeoning Orochi Network project. The rewards will be very attractive, containing both X-ORO points and Bijuu NFT collection series. This collection has varying tiers of rarity and benefits. Start your journey with Shukaku, a foundational NFT that can be later converted to rarer tiers. As you dive deeper, Kokuo awaits, rewarding your dedication with exclusive access, potential advantages in future games, and increased collectible value. Ascend to the top tier with Kyuubi, the ultimate symbol of commitment. Kyuubi grants you influence over the network's future, exclusive membership privileges, the strongest in-game assets, and the highest earning potential. The path you choose within the Orochi Network is yours to forge!
Through retroactively distributing tokens or rewards, this adventure incentivizes engagement in various social activities while nurturing a vibrant ecosystem around Orochi. This approach not only recognizes contributors but also fosters loyalty among users who have been instrumental since its inception.

Discovering the Three Retroactive Phases: What Lies Ahead?

I. Origin | The Awakening

1. Story Behind

The story begins when our hero, Daphne, discovers a hidden cave and encounters a magnificent dragon named Shukaku. They make a pact: Daphne will guide Shukaku through dangers in exchange for a share of a legendary treasure. Together, this unlikely duo sets off on an exciting quest for riches and a strong bond. You will step into the role of the hero, taking on tasks and missions in this adventure to earn attractive rewards.
This initial adventure marks the start of a series of retroactive activities. Its goal is to familiarize users with Orochi, provide access to additional knowledge, and enhance Orochi's visibility for newcomers. The rewards from this first adventure will offer numerous opportunities and unlock rewards for future adventure.

2. Treasures Await

  • X-ORO (Point)
  • Shukaku NFT Collections - the Guardian of Hidden Treasures

3. Let’s Join The Quest!

The platform will be deployed on the 3rd party (Galxe - Zealy) in the first phase. Users will complete customized tasks and receive X-ORO points or Shukaku corresponding to the level of each task.

4. Journey Schedule

The deadline for you to join this adventure will start on March 25 - April 22, 2024. Hurry up and receive attractive rewards.

II. Oro-Wild | The Ascension

1. Story Behind

Amidst challenges, Daphne (you) and Kokuo (now evolved from Shukaku), persisted, bonding deeply through shared triumphs. Kokuo's power surged, commanding elements effortlessly—fire, wind, and earth—all at his command. Witnessing his transformation, Daphne marveled at his newfound strength. Their journey unlocked Kokuo's dormant potential, turning him into a beacon of resilience. Together, they embodied courage and determination, their destinies woven into their adventurous tale. Now you are used to your new powers, which means new missions and challenges await you.
In the second adventure, Orochi will intensify its branding efforts. We plan to introduce more interactive tasks to engage users and enhance their understanding of the Orochi Network. This approach will provide users with a clearer perspective and a deeper insight into how Orochi products function, enabling them to earn more X-ORO and NFT Kokuo.

2. Treasures Await

  • X-ORO (Point)
  • Kokuo NFT Collections - the Arcane Elementor

3. Let's Join The Quest!

The community can participate by accessing tasks directly on the Orochi Website and through our third partner, Galxe - Zealy, which offer more advanced opportunities. Users who have earned enough Shukaku from Retroactive #1 and completed additional tasks from Retroactive #2 will qualify to mint Kokuo on the website. The number of NFTs that users receives will increase with the amount of Shukaku they possess. Additionally, X-ORO (Points) will continue to be distributed to users based on their cumulative missions completed in Retroactive #1 & #2.

4. Journey Schedule

  • To be announced

III. Oro-Futuristic |The Apex

1. Story Behind

You and the dragon Kokuo have now transformed into the final form "Kyubi", facing the pinnacle of their journey at the treasure chamber. Kyubi's mastery of fire and magic, combined with their shared strength forged through trials, led them to claim the treasure—a key to a new era of peace and prosperity. Through their journey, both you and Kyubi undergo transformation, realizing the limitless potential within every soul through courage and determination, inspiring others to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. This is the final stage of the challenge, however it is not the end but opens up countless new adventures, so the hero deserves to be rewarded for the achievements he has achieved.
In our third adventure with Orochi Network, we're reaching the final part of our journey, making long-lasting partnerships. The tasks ahead will be more challenging than before, but all three retrospectives will offer equally exciting rewards, but this time will be $ORC Tokens and special limited Kyuubi NFTs. There will be bonuses for leaders across all three retrospectives too. While this isn't the last adventure, it's your last chance as an early supporter to get exclusive rewards. Keep an eye out for more details on this upcoming adventure.

2. Treasures Await

  • $ORC (Orochi Token)
  • Kyuubi (NFTs Limited Edition) - Keepers of the Flame

3. Let's Join The Quest!

  • To be announced

4. Journey Schedule

  • To be announced

Understand Reward From The Dragon House: Your Path to Riches!

I. X-ORO (Point)

Rewards increase in future stages, users with more X-ORO points can convert to $ORC Tokens. X-ORO points will be accumulated in all Retroactive rounds.

II. Bijuu NFTs Collection

Enter the world of the Bijuu NFT Collection Series, featuring tiers of rarity and unique benefits. Start with Shukaku, then advance to Kokuo for exclusive access and potential game advantages. Reach the top with Kyuubi, gaining influence over the network's future, exclusive perks, and the highest earning potential. Embark on this journey to unlock unparalleled rewards and recognition.

1. Shukaku

Common NFTs are a commemorative collectible of your initial participation, these NFTs hold potential future value in the Orochi Network ecosystem. Users can accumulate unlimited Common NFTs and convert to Kokuo NFTs during Retroactive phase #2.

2. Kokuo

Kokuo NFTs represent a unique layer in the Orochi Network's NFT ecosystem. Earning them requires dedication and represents a deeper level of involvement in the retroactive program. Users can earn Kokuo by accumulating and converting Shukaku in Retroactive #1-2.
  • Exclusive Access Club: Depending on the specific Kokuo you own, you may have access to exclusive communities, events, or features within the Orochi Network. Imagine attending private AMA sessions, participating in high-stakes tournaments, or enjoying unique in-game benefits.
  • In-Game Advantage: As the Orochi Network expands to incorporate gaming experiences for monetization, the Kokuo could turn into a valuable in-game asset. They can represent powerful characters, rare items, or exclusive lands in the Orochi partners game universe.
  • Enhanced Collectible Value: Kokuo NFTs are inherently rarer than regular Bijuu, making them more coveted by collectors. As the Orochi Network matures, demand for these exclusive NFTs will increase as will their value over time.
  • NFT Staking: In addition to the benefits of Kokuo NFTs, users can stake in the reward pool.

3. Kyuubi

This much-coveted collection of NFTs represents an unprecedented level of dedication and contribution to the retroactive program. Earning Kyuubi NFTs goes beyond mere recognition; it grants access to an exclusive level of privileges and cements your position as a founding member of the Orochi Network.
  • Powerful Governance: Enjoy exclusive access to a private council within the Orochi Network. Participate in high-level discussions (Project Governance Meetings), influence key network decisions, and gain insight into the future roadmap. Your voice will have special weight in shaping the development of the network.
  • Founders Club Membership: Become a permanent member of the prestigious Orochi Network Founders Club. This exclusive club offers unique networking opportunities, participation in private events, and potential profit sharing mechanisms tied to the success of the network.
  • Unprecedented in-game advantages: In future play-to-earn games on the Orochi Network, Kyuubi NFTs will transform into the most powerful in-game assets (Top Tier NFTs).
  • Enhanced Staking and Farming: Kyuubi NFTs will unlock an exclusive staking and farming pool with significantly higher rewards than other levels. Maximize your earning potential in the Orochi Network ecosystem.

III. $ORC (Orochi Token)

The $ORC token is the native utility token of the Orochi Network, serving as the essential fuel that powers various functions and incentivizes participation in the network. In essence, the $ORC token is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Orochi Network. Users can earn $ORC Tokens by accumulating X-ORO Points in Retroactive #1-2 or completing tasks in Retroactive #3.
  • Transaction fees: Every interaction on the Orochi Network incurs a small transaction fee. By holding $ORC tokens, you will be able to pay these fees seamlessly, ensuring smooth operations within the network.
  • Governance Staking: Staking your $ORC tokens allows you to actively participate in network governance. This process includes voting on important proposals that shape the future of the Orochi Network. As a reward for your contribution, you will earn additional $ORC tokens and others on the Orochi Network ecosystem.
  • Unlock exclusive features: Holding $ORC tokens can give you access to exclusive features and functionalities within the Orochi Network ecosystem. This may include early access to new products, beta testing opportunities, or participation in restricted events.
  • Liquidity mining opportunity: $ORC token can be used for liquidity mining. By contributing your tokens to the liquidity pool, you will help maintain market stability and earn rewards in the form of additional $ORC tokens.

Exploring The Origin Phase: Where It All Began!

The first phase of Orochi Network's retroactive program focuses on rewarding social engagement. By completing tasks on Galxe and Zealy partner platforms, you can earn valuable rewards: X-ORO Points & Shukaku NFTs.

📍Orochi Network <> Galxe Mission

We'll be launching a dedicated adventure on Galxe, allowing you to earn X-ORO Points & Shukaku NFTs by completing various social activities. Each adventure on Galxe will have different completion times and sprints.
  • Follow Orochi Network on Social Media: Follow Orochi Network on various social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Discord, Telegram) to stay updated about project news and announcements.
  • Join the Orochi Network Community: Join the Orochi Network forum or Telegram group to participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with other community members.
  • Share Orochi Network Media: Share informative or engaging content about Orochi Network on their social media platforms using a specific adventure hashtag.
  • Attend Orochi Network Events: Attending online or offline events hosted by Orochi Network, such as AMAs, Livestream, Podcast, etc.
  • Read Educational Blog: Read educational content (articles, videos, tutorials) that explain Orochi Network's technology and vision in an accessible way.
  • Partner support: Support partners of the Orochi Network ecosystem.
👉Don't miss out on rewards! Join Galxe Mission now:

📍Orochi Network <> Zealy Mission

Retroactive#1 includes 3 types of Missions on Zealy. When we create or update a task, we specify some conditions that will determine whether the user can view and accept the task.
  • One time mission
  • Daily tasks
  • Sprint mission
There are 4 types of conditions:
  • Discord Role:We will add Zealy to Discord for role management. For example: If you have an assigned role, you will have access to Missions.
  • Level: This condition allows participants to lock/unlock certain missions based on their Zealy level. If the condition requires the user to be above a certain level, the task will still be shown to the user but shown as locked to encourage the user to unlock it.
  • Date:The date condition is very simple. We will unlock some missions on certain days and participants can complete the missions based on that date.
  • Tasks: Some tasks specify that participants need to do task X before doing task Y. In that case, for the level condition, the task will still be shown to the user but is lock up.
👉Don't miss out on rewards! Join Zeally Mission now:


  • The specific tasks and point rewards will be clearly defined within the Galxe and Zealy adventure details. Each completed task will award a specific amount of X-ORO points or Shukaku NFTs. The rewards value will likely depend on the complexity or effort required for the task.
All X-ORO and Shukaku NFTs will be accumulated into one common dashboard.
  • Earning X-ORO points and Shukaku NFTs through social engagement on Galxe and Zealy platforms is just the first step. These rewards unlock potential benefits in future phases, such as increased allocations of $ORC tokens (the lifeblood of the Orochi Network) and access to exclusive Kokuo.
  • The Orochi Network retroactive program presents a unique opportunity to actively shape the future of a groundbreaking blockchain network. By participating in Origin phase, you'll become a founding member of the Orochi Network community, contribute to its growth, and earn valuable rewards along the way.
Don't miss out on this chance to be a part of something groundbreaking. The future of Orochi Network is bright, and it starts with you! Stay tuned for the official launch of the Galxe and Zealy adventure on our Social Channels.

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